About Us

Since 1986, Adina Care has been dedicated to offering exceptional residential aged care to older members of the Cootamundra community and surrounding regions. As a community owned not-for-profit organisation, we devote all of our resources to the care of our residents across high care, respite care and dementia care.

Adina Care is dedicated to providing an exceptional resident experience. We believe in enhancing the quality of life for residents entrusted into our care and retain a higher staff to resident ratio than many similar facilities – including having a Registered Nurse on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Adina Care also provides resident centred care, meaning our team is committed to providing the care that the resident requests, prioritising individual wants and needs. We understand that being at home means feeling like you are part of a community. Our resident lifestyle program offers a wide range of social activities that includes entertainment, outings and regular visits from children from the local schools.

Our Values

Adina Care is committed to promoting and enhancing the quality of life of residents entrusted into our care by making our residents the focus of everything we do.

This is achieved in an environment which fosters empowerment, sense of belonging, respect and dignity.


We offer an inclusive, diverse and welcoming environment for all cultures and genders, where every resident’s culture, lifestyle and beliefs are respected and celebrated.


We value and prioritise the wants and needs of our residents and aim to provide a caring community in all aspects of care and service provisions.


We aim to maintain service standards that meet or exceed best practice and strive to continually improve service provisions, ensuring ongoing compliance with accreditation standards.


All residents are treated with dignity and respect, enabling them to live as independently as possible and in harmony with one another.


We endeavour to exercise wise stewardship, fiscal responsibility, and prudent financial planning to ensure long term viability and offer the best possible care to our community.

Our Vision

Adina Care’s vision is to provide high quality residential services to the Cootamundra aged care community. We aim for our service to be responsive to the district’s needs and expectations, offering accessible, affordable, and inclusive care through effective management by a dedicated and professional team.

Our Story

Adina Care was established in 1986 as the Cootamundra Nursing Home when the former Cootamundra District Hospital and the former Mercy Hospital were amalgamated to form what we now know as the Cootamundra Hospital.

From the sale of the Mercy Hospital, the Sisters of Mercy donated $500,000 toward the establishment of the Nursing Home. The Cootamundra Shire Council (as it then was) donated the site. The local community raised approximately $137,000 through multiple fundraising activities, with the balance coming from a Federal government grant. Collectively this covered the total building cost of $1,650,000 which enabled the new 50 bed facility to commence operations, all completely debt free.

Over the years Adina Care’s facility has continued to grow, now catering to the needs of up to 62 elderly and frail residents across respite care, high care and dementia care. We promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of our residents by providing a living environment in which residents can feel comfortable and secure. We establish safe, therapeutic and flexible routines that maximise each resident’s potential for independence and maintain the link between family, friends and community to enrich the quality of life for all.

Our Team

Adina Care is a community owned and truly not-for-profit residential aged care provider, providing an exceptional resident experience. We are proud to deliver our quality care to residents supported by our experienced team.

Our highly skilled and friendly staff are on hand around the clock to provide whatever care is required.

Adina Care Management Team
  • Graeme Sloane – Chief Executive Officer
  • Amanda McLennan – Director of Nursing
  • Tony Bowden – Office Manager
Adina Care Board of Directors
  • Mrs Lee-Anne Hogan – Chair
  • Mr Daryl Sedgwick
  • Mr Charlie Sheahan
  • Dr Jacques Scholtz
  • Mr Les Boyd
  • Mrs Kate Baldry
  • Mrs Margot Gill
  • Ms Anne Irwin

Our Community

As a community owned organisation, Adina Care enjoys strong connections with its local community in the Cootamundra region.

Adina Care enjoys an excellent working relationship with the local Medical Centre and pharmacies, who are committed to fulfilling the medical needs of our residents. Our location directly across the road from the Cootamundra Hospital is an added advantage for our resident community.

Our residents are offered meaningful opportunities to engage and remain an active part of our community. Our resident lifestyle program offers a wide range of social activities that includes entertainment and outings as well as regular visits from community partners including children from local schools.

Certificate of Membership - ACCPA